Autumn Goals Socks - Pre orders for October

100 EUR

This item is available for pre orders: usually it takes me 3-4 weeks to make something for you. In this way you are sure to have your item ready when the first cold days will arrive in October.

It’s a pair of very rustic, comfy, home socks. They have a front cable, a back cable along the leg. They are worked with no heels, but they have a section of knitting in the back to give an idea of heel.

Very important: these socks are made to order so it will take me about 2 weeks to prepare your order (plus shipping time).

Finish product:
About 50 cm/19.6 inches long
These socks are worked without a heel, so they can feet more sizes.

I usually wear them over another pair of socks in alternative to slippers.

100% woolen yarn of soft French and European merino produced in France in an ecological way.

The colour used in the pictures is "dorè".
In the last picture you can see all the colours available. If you want your socks made with one of these colours, you can write me at to see if they are available.
Keep in mind that every screen is different and the actual colours can be a bit different from the one you see on your computer.

Shipping: please note that the indicated shipping costs may be too high. I only charge the actual shipping costs, so any discrepancy will be refunded!
I ship worldwide.